Ammatti taivaalla
Ammatti taivaalla

Training services

Training services

Here are the available training programs for our customers:

  • Type Rating TR(A), BE300
  • Type Rating TR(A), EMB-500 (Phenom 100)
  • Type Rating Instructor TRI(A), BE300 and EMB-500
  • Simulator Flight Instructor SFI(A), BE300 and EMB-500
  • Multi-Crew Cooperation Instructor MCCI(A), Airbus A320, BE300 and EMB-500
  • Multi-Crew Cooperation MCC(A)
  • Aerobatic Rating
  • Advanced UPRT training course
  • MEP/IR
  • Modular Instrument Rating IR(A), MEP(Land)
  • Class Rating Instructor CRI(A)
  • Instrument Rating Instructor IRI(A)
  • FI/IRI Refresher Seminar
  • HPA SP theoretical course (High Performance Single Pilot aeroplanes)

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