EC135 Eurocopter helicopter FTD3/ FNPT II/ MCC

This trainer has a wide visual system (200 x 65 deg). The TrueVision Global visual system covers the terrain of the whole globe. This helicopter trainer is suitable for instrument flight training as well as mission flight training. The data base includes hospital, oil rig and cruise ship helipads as well as accident sites. The FTD is also approved for MCC Multi-Crew Co-operation training.

This trainer replicates the actual flight feel and reality of the EC135 very well. The high quality visual system plus substantial testing by experienced EC135 HEMS pilots has helped fine tune the fidelity of the FTD to a high level.

This FTD represents the Eurocopter EC135P2. The FTD has the standard avionics package and additionally the Garmin 430 GPS. Also ADF and Weather Radar are available.

The FTD/MCC is available to customers on dry or wet lease basis.

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